The processing project at Massfresh , located in JHB, comprised of multiple engineering disciplines delivered in record time,

This installation included a 600kw Glycol chilling plant, Stainless Steel Brine process piping, Steam Piping, Heat Exchangers & a 2 ton/hr Diesel Boiler

The Delivery & Rigging off all Major equipment filled 8 super link trucks which had to be rigged & positioned in just 3 days, making it the largest and quickest rigging exercise facilitated by ZUID.

With our well-equipped team from Cape Town, we completed and commissioned the entire system in just 45 days. As this is in the Food Processing industry, we follow strict welding procedures to ensure a high level of hygiene within the piping. All steam piping went through rigorous inspections and analysis for approval in accordance with the pressure regulations act.

A truly successful project fuelled by excellent project management.